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Re: debsig (Was Re: Apt-get is insecure)

On Mon, Dec 17, 2001 at 01:58:24PM +0100, Roland Mas wrote:
> Wichert Akkerman (2001-12-16 03:32:38 +0100) :
>> Previously Julian Gilbey wrote:
>>> ... and someone recently filed an important bug against ftp.debian.org
>>> asking for its removal because it appears unmaintained.

>> FWIW, I'm writing a python replacement anyway that supports
>> mass-signing. Now if only there was some documentation for
>> gpg --command-pipe :(
> You might want to have a look in GPGME (GPG made easy).  It's a
> library that wraps GPG and provides functions to do whatever you could
> do with GPG without doing all the piping and forking yourself.  I
> think there's a Python module for it too.

You are talking about --command-fd? (I cannot find --command-pipe) 

Jose is right, gpgme seems to use it.

*prompt:>* grep -r command-fd gpgme-0.2.3 | grep -v gpgme-0.2.3/gnupg-1.0.6
gpgme-0.2.3/gpgme/rungpg.c:    _gpgme_gpg_add_arg ( gpg, "--command-fd" );
gpgme-0.2.3/gpgme/rungpg.c: * Here we handle --command-fd.  This works
closely together with

        cu andreas

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