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Re: [The good, the bad and] The Ugly -- the cosmetic rant

On Sun, Dec 16, 2001 at 07:52:49PM +0100, Gergely Nagy wrote:
> Why do I care? It hurts my eyes, and I see many of the issues outlined
> below. I do believe it makes us look bad, degrades the quality, if we
> don't pay attention even to cosmetic issues. As an example, if you'd
> write a book, wouldn't you care about how it would be printed? As
> people won't buy even the greatest book if it was printed with
> unreadable letters, or if it has TeX markup all over it, they won't
> like packages which weren't paid enough attention to.

If you have time to bitch about this, then you obviously have too much free 
time on your hands.  File wishlist bugs with patches against the code in 
question.  Bitching about it here does very little.


Adam McKenna  <adam@debian.org>  <adam@flounder.net>

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