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Who runs the powerpc autobuilder?

  buildd.debian.org tells me that burgerspace failed to build on powerpc
because of the following:

After installing, the following source dependencies are still unsatisfied:
libgengameng-dev(inst 3.0-4 ! >= wanted 3.0-4.1)

  It looks like the buildd tried to build burgerspace out of order; that
version of gengameng is now available on powerpc.

  This was on October 11, and it hasn't tried again since (nor have I
been emailed about it -- I only found out by sifting through
update-excuses to find out why burgerspace was stuck)  How can I get
voltaire to rebuild it?  I'd rather not have to upload an entire new
version and reset the testing counter.

  I can't find a contact address for the powerpc buildd anywhere;
hopefully the owner reads -devel.


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