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doc-base's functionality, and dependencies upon it

Hello, late night thought for the day... nay, night,

There isn't much that depends on doc-base. It seems only dx-doc and 
csound-doc depends on it. doc-base isn't a part of the base system. Is
it maybe in a task? Doesn't look like it to me, right now.

The following Recommends doc-base: sympa, doc-linux-fr. The other
doc-linux packages merely suggest doc-base. I'd think doc-linux-fr
should do the same then?

dhelp and dwww don't even mention doc-base. I thought doc-base is there
to support dwww/dhelp? Is this so?

It's one thing that bothers me sometimes, all this nice functionality in
many nice Debian packages, many packages sound like they are kind of
"standard", but appear like they will never be installed for the
"normal" Debian user... maybe it's just a feeling I get - I'll keep my
eyes open and suggest solutions where they seem appropriate.

Hugo van der Merwe

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