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Re: How to get balsa into testing?

On Fri, Dec 14, 2001 at 09:26:59PM +0000, Jules Bean wrote:

> It's not going in because it depends on gnome-pim for its addressbook
> (I think), and gnome-pim is buggy.

Just to defend my package: While gnome-pim is surely buggy (but which
package is not?), it is not the culprit in this case. gnome-pim can't go
into testing, because gnome-pilot can't go. gnome-pilot can't go because
... I don't know. It might be related to bug #116711, which is the
reason that gnome-pilot-conduits can't go into testing. I wrote to Mike
Marley, maintainer of the gnome-pilot* packages.

> Shall I cut the depends on gnome-pim (which is unecessary, it has a
> perfectly working address book of its own)?

Seems reasonable. gnome-pim's address book is not that good, after all.

 - Sebastian

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