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Re: Debian menus policy

> gets too big. Also, less-sophisticated users will find it confusing;
> they'll wonder if the A in editing->text is the same A that is in
> text->editors, and they'll bombard debian-user with questions about why
> things are duplicated.

Incidently, the default GNOME setup suffers from this problem, or did.
There is the bottom menu and the top menu, and they have significant but
not complete or logical overlap for no apparent reason.

> > Apps_by_object|Text|Editors and the package would have the
> > tags "Functions: editor" and "Objects: text".  We could
> > then get debhelper to set up menu entries for us.  How 'bout
> > that?

> That's the basic idea, I think, though whether both trees are visible
> at once, or you choose which one to display, or something even more
> sophisticated than that, remains to be determined.
> Craig

Again, I know people have worked on this sort of issue, we should look
around before rolling our own.


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