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Bug#123903: [ITP]: mh-e -- Emacs front end for MH and nmh.

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist

  Package name    : mh-e
  Version         : 6.0 (When it's released soon)
  URL             : http://mh-e.sourceforge.net/
  License         : GPL, Copyright Free Software Foundation, Inc.
  Description     : GNU front end for MH

This package will allow users of most flavors of Emacs to run the latest
version of mh-e and will include the docs in Info format as well as the
contributed files:

  mh-alias.el - MH mail alias expansion and substitution.
  mh-frame.el - Open mh-e in a separate frame.

The release is scheduled for Christmas, and the package will be prepared
soon thereafter (No, I haven't already prepared it).


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