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Re: Bug#123234: Deprecate BTS "close" command?

On Tue, Dec 11, 2001 at 10:19:14PM +0000, Darren Salt wrote:
> Define "easily".
> While there's not much of a problem for small source packages, I wouldn't
> like to download the source for, say, xfree86 just to look at the changelog.
> I suggest that you try this over a <=56K modem - then consider the
> possibility of per-minute call charges...

You are right, but there is debian-devel-changes@d.o. Here you'll find
the change-log file of the uploaded packages.
IMHO if you support packages with bugs report an so forth, you should be
BTW, i referred to the case in which the "closes" string in the change-log
didn't notify the fix to the submitter.


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Nice, this one.

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