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X autoconf


	I was off-line a some time and I can't post about Xconfiguration

	I've a python script to autoconfigure X. It tries to configure
	your X server using FrameBuffer. If it's not available, using
	"XFree -configure" option detect and configure your X.

	It needs 2 external C programs: 
		myfbset:	show framebuffer geometry
		mousedetect:	detect your mouse

	Mouse detection don't work perfectly because it's very difficult
	to distinguish USB from PS2. It needs to be rewrited. This program 
	uses libdetect. I test with libkudzu of redhat and libdiscover
	with the same results.

	This script was developed by me to a spanish linux distribution
	called Esware (www.esware.com) where I work. GPL, of course.

	You can download it from: http://people.debian.org/~srua/Xconfig


		Sergio Rua <srua@debian.org>

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