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Re: What happened to libgtkhtml19 in unstable?

On Tue, 11 Dec 2001 00:07:25 +0100
Jochen Voss <jvoss2@web.de> wrote:

> I got the following bug report for the gnome-utils package
> and do not know what to do about it.

possibly lart libgtkhtml maintainer for removing it. 

Or, if you are feeling more positive, rebuild against the new libgtkhtml-dev.

> Why was libgtkhtml19 removed from unstable while there are
> packages which depend on it?  What should I do about the
> problem?  Is it just a matter of recompiling the gnome-utils
> package, or is there more to do?

I believe it is just a recompile
(see libgal threads for similar arguments and flamewars)

Reading the changelog, I cannot really find any reference to 
any real change apart from version increase :P (but they are probably
not good (?) changelog writers)


dancer@debian.org  http://www.netfort.gr.jp/~dancer

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