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Re: Thoughts on network detection and configuration on Debian

#include <hallo.h>
Siggi Langauf wrote on Sun Dec 09, 2001 um 01:44:30PM:

> > Still to few for generic use.  Only six different areas available with
> > this solution.
> There's a conceptual issue as well: Runlevels are fine for selecting one
> of various sets of services that should run, but reconfiguring the system
> requires more:
> - reconfigure network interfaces and firewall

Okay, if you want to re-engeneer our network configuration system, there
is an additional task to do! Currently, the loading order of the kernel
modules defines the interface names. But we could change them to runtime
with the "ip" command. What I imagine:

 - we make something like /etc/eth-tab (similar to fstab) where you can
   assign a readable names to each network card
 - a init scripts reads that data after network card modules are loaded,
   looks which card has which MAC address and advices a readable name to
   each interface
 - A simple config GUI (a dialog solution would be okay) helps the user
   to manage the interfaces

> - reconfigure hardware (eg. disable wireless Network when you're in a
>   location that desn't have an access point, in order to save power)

Good idea.

> - (maybe) switch nntp, smtp, pop, imap and whatever servers

May be done too. But we would need a concept covering the configuration
issues. Then a system similar to the current menu system may be

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