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bug in kernel-source/dpkg

I'm having problems with what appears to be a bug in dpkg.

dpkg version 1.9.18
kernel-source-2.2.19 version 1-2
kernel-package version 7.74

For some reason, I'm no longer able to use make-kpkg to build kernels.

It appears that the debian/rules in kernel-source-2.2.19 calls dpkg as

CC= dpkg --print-architecture

when no ARCH is yet set (i.e. no cross-compiling is taking place).

This results in dpkg returning "i386-none" and a warning that i386-none
is "not in remapping table".

When it is called with CC not present at all (as opposed to present but
empty), it responds with "i386".

So, is this a critical bug in dpkg for causing an unrelated package
to break, or a grave bug in kernel-package-2.2.19 for passing nonsense
to dpkg and in doing so rendering itself unusable (or mostly so)?

Or both?

Thought I'd ask here before filing either bug and getting my ass flamed
for getting the package/severity wrong...



Nick Phillips -- nwp@lemon-computing.com
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