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Re: update_excuses zope (also related to Bug #122443)

Jules Bean writes:
> The scripts will not install zope 2.4.2 until it can do so without
> breaking the Depends: of packages already in testing.

I doubt that this would be the right thing ...

> Typically that
> means that any packages which depend on some 2.3.3-only component must 
> be recompiled against zope 2.4.2 and also wait in unstable, when they
> will all be installed together if they are all simultaneously valid
> candidates.
> Again, I haven't looked at zope, but this is the usual situation.  It
> explains why, for example, libtool 1.4.2 is not yet in testing.

but it doesn't explain, why python2.1 went into testing, before all
packages depending on python-base (which doesn't exist anymore) were
upgraded. And in general, it's not possible to wait for _all_ packages
to be upgraded before the move to unstable.

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