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Re: Archive of patent-encumbered software

On Wed, Dec 05, 2001 at 02:27:06PM -0500, Branden Robinson wrote:
> You could have region coding without encryption, though.  As long as the
> DVD hardware has to be licensed, lacking encryption doesn't really lower
> the barrier to access.  Exactly the same bit-for-bit knockoffs can be
> made in massive bulk.  I simply don't see how either region coding or
> CSS encryption pose an obstacle to the high volume "bootleggers".

Exactly. It is possible to get very high quality video/sound just by recoding the playback from another player. A bit lossy but much better than
VHS or the like. I think that _any_ programmer can do that.

> No, the only people CSS encryption really hurts are people who want to
> things with DVD's that are legal with every other form of media.  Recall
-----------------------------^^^^^  illegal??

> Here's something else to laugh about.  The public rationale for region
> coding is that it's too expensive to distribute film prints all over the
> world for simultaneous release.  So, supposedly, they want to
> region-code DVDs so they can release a film in theaters in one market
> after it's gone to the video stores in another.

LOL. But it might take 2 months by steamer! :)

> Now go out and count how many catalog titles -- even the obscure, niche
> films (Hammer flicks, 50's B-grade science fiction, "Danger Diablik!"
> and so forth) that will certainly never be re-released theatrically --
> are Region 0.

And count how many do not use encryption. That number might be even lower :( [20-40 ? don't know exact number]. 

Does anyone know how the case against DeCSS is progressing? I just hope that the judge will have some sense and strike down this stupid patent
[or at least make DeCSS legal for fair use].

I know that right now it costs many $,$$$,$$$ to get a license to get added to the key list.

Also, does any one know how the "keyless" algorithm works? And is it part of DeCSS?

- Adam

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