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Re: * Policy on *-dev packages

> I noticed that what constitutes a "development environment" isn't very clear 
> in policy section 11.3

> I think there should be a clarification of what a development environment is, 
> preferably in a note. My position is that all interface files should be 
> included in the -dev package, and they should be configured for operating 
> with language processors in Debian if necessary.

> Do you think such a small addition would be useful?

Maybe it would be not un-useful.  I've been bothered by the lack of
definition here, too.  It ought not to be too specific, and limit the package
developers (I am not one, so my opinion is a little suspect), but it should
be reasonable.

I've always thought that a "dev" package would contain everything required to
compile its associated package that is not required in order to use the
package normally.  Doing some quick checks (dpkg -L libc6-dev) showed me that
this isn't the case.  I'm seeing symbolic links in /usr/lib to libraries in
/lib (shouldn't those symlinks be in libc6?).. 

It's not immediately obvious to me what a -dev package is supposed to do.

On thought, though, "development environment" seems quite clear, and my
poking around a few -dev packages fit in with that, with possibly a few
inconsistencies due to individual package maintainers.

I don't see it as needing to be changed, upon reflection.  Anything more
detailed than that ought to go into a packaging guide (hrm.  Any Debian
package maintainers thinking of approaching O'Reilly Press?).

Rob Bos, rbos@{sandwich.net,linux.com}, expert on everything and everyone

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