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Re: X autoconfiguration

On Tue, 2001-12-04 at 17:39, Josh Hansen wrote:
> Does anybody know of any projects in particular that are working on such 
> autoconfiguration capability?

Well, Branden pointed out that X does indeed handle the mouse issues. 
Once I applied my brain and removed my head from my rear, I saw he was
correct.  Why it failed on my laptop is a mystery, I think I might have
had an older package (Potato) configure X or something, not sure.

As for the keyboard stuff, I've looked around.  I've seen nothing.  I
don't think keyboards can be auto-detected like that (correct me if I'm
wrong).  The issue here is to pick one single method of getting
"Internet Keyboards" to work (though I have no clue what that would be,
I'm not a X developer), and then building a big database of the
different keyboards and their keycodes.  I would imagine that then the
special keys would function as does any other key, making mapping in
WM's or whatnot a no brainer.  The project I have seen have a couple
keyboard definitions (for keyboards I've never seen, but that's me), and
use xmodmap.  Branden indicated that their might be more work involved
for some keyboards, but didn't illuminate the details to me.  Guess I
should jsut shut up and let him answer that.  ~,^

Sean Etc.

> - Josh
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