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Re: binutils in debian unstable is broken.

On Tue, 4 Dec 2001, Daniel Jacobowitz wrote:

> Upstream won't beat you to it.  It's a kernel bug.  A reference to
> .text.exit from .data means that some module left a pointer to its
> module exit functions even though they were tagged __exit.  There's
> nothing binutils can do about it; they're really not there.
> It used to be silently ignored, which is just wrong.

Ah, ok...makes sense (/me makes mental note to look at post-2.2 i386
kernel source more closely).  I was just going to write you and ask about
that too, so thanks for beating me to the punch!

So, I'm unsure of the best course of action...should I provide a kernel
patch to fix this or have i386 revert back to an older version for
now?  I'm in a quandry since hppa NEEDS this version, as do a few other
platforms, but i386 is a mess...suggestions, anyone?


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