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atari800, svgalib, and non-i386 architectures

I just got a bug report on the atari800 package. It doesn't build on the
powerpc because of missing svgalib components.

The depends line is constructed by shlibdeps, and, while it includes the
svgalibg1-dev, there is a [i386] associated with it that suggests that
this dependency is only needed for i386. (at least that's the way the
autobuilder interprets it) This clearly doesn't work correctly.

So, my question is two-fold:

1. What arch's support svga?

2. How best to restrict the build to those ports?

If the answer to 1. is "only i386", then the question becomes:

Should I only deliver atari800 for i386?

I think I can build without the svgalib version on other arch's, and the
x11 version should run on any port that supports X.

The problem with restricting svgalib to i386 only, and delivering reduced
function on other arches, is figuring out how to not build the svgalib
version on any but the i386 arch's.

Which of the arch reporting techniques should I use for best results?

Suggestions welcome,

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