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Re: Stop it

* Philip Brown (phil@bolthole.com) [011201 00:58]:
> On Fri, Nov 30, 2001 at 10:14:04PM -0600, Bryan Andersen wrote:
> > ...
> > It may be the page needs to be rewritten from the standpoint 
> > of speaking to an external viewer rather than to the system's 
> > administrator. 
> Exactly.
> How about something a little simpler to take in, even for those of IQ less
> than 90:
> <HTML>
>   <BLINK><FONT SIZE=+5> This web server is not fully
> configured!!</BLINK></FONT>
> <P>&nbsp;<P>&nbsp;<P>
> This is the default initial page of a Debian web server. The administrator
> should now install a more appropriate initial index page.
> </HTML>

The problem there is that you're using some big/unfamialiar words.
Specifically: Administrator, appropriate, initial and Debian.

How about

The owner of this web site has not put up any web pages yet.


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