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Re: Stop it

On Fri, Nov 30, 2001 at 10:14:04PM -0600, Bryan Andersen wrote:
> How does this sound?
>   "Welcome to the default home page of a Debian Apache XXX 
>   web server install.

"The f***ing what!?! I'll send those b****rds an E-mail!"

You can't bother Joe Average with sentences telling them they have reached
some sort of Indian named "Debian".

What about:

"Welcome. This site is under under major construction or in state of a major
upgrade. Please try again later.

If you have questions about this web page, you can try to contact the
webmaster at this site, whose E-mail address might be webmaster@<name of site>
However, as this is a newly installed web server, the E-mail address might
not work yet.


This server runs an Apache web server with Debian GNU/Linux etc etc.

>  If you are seeing this it is because 
>   {site host name} hasn't updated the default installed home 

Yes, and how would you do that, place <site host name> in a static HTML page
at installation time? ;-)

[current default page reads:]
>   Welcome to Your New Home in Cyberspace!

Makes the visitor go "Huh? New home? Where's the <fill in (un)appropriate

>   This is a placeholder page installed by the Debian release 
>   of the Apache Web server package, because no home page was 
>   installed on this host. You may want to replace this as 
>   soon as possible with your own web pages, of course.... 

Again, a *visitor* goes out of h(is|er) mind, "you might want to replace
this with your own web pages". Yeah right... ;-)

> It may be the page needs to be rewritten from the standpoint 
> of speaking to an external viewer rather than to the system's 
> administrator.  The reader may then better understand and or 



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