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Gnome & /usr/local policy

Dear Debian developers,

I hope this is the appropriate forum for my problem. I've searched the
net, mailing list archives and Gnome documentation, but I am still

I am using a program called gmmusic (very nice btw. should be packaged
;-) ) on Debain woody. Now, my understanding of the Debian policy is
that everything that is not Debian should go under /usr/local and will
be left alone. This normally works very well. With Gnome programs and in
particular with the aforementioned program gmmusic the following

I make './configure --prefix=/usr/local' when building gmmusic.
'make install' then installs all program files under /usr/local, which
is exactly what I want. Amonst the installed files are icons which get
installed under /usr/local/share/pixmaps. Unfortunately, Gnome programs
seem to only look in /usr/share/pixmaps for image files. (A similar
problem seems to exist for help files.)

This means that I would have to get the icons installed under
/usr/share/pixmaps to make them accessable to my locally (i.e.
non-Debian) installed Gnome applications. I was unable to find something
like a PIXMAP_PATH parameter or similar anywhere in Gnome.

I believe that it would be great if this problem could be addressed as I
really think that the strict separation of Debian and non-Debian
packages/files is really a very good and clean concept. It generally
works very well, the only flaw I've come across in many years is the
described issue with Gnome packages.

In case it is only my stupidity that sits between me and the solution it
would be great if you could give me a pointer in the right direction.

Best regards & thanks a lot for your time,

PS: I cc one of the gmmusic developers that I have discussed this with.
Hope that's ok.
Andree Leidenfrost
Sydney - Australia

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