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emacs (Re: [logcheck] I hear you...)

 What just _occured_ to me is that XEmacs or GNU Emacs could be used
 to implement this whole thing.  Emacs lisp is great for managing
 subprocesses like that; it would not be hard to create a little C
 program that would tag stderr vs stdout from the init.d shell
 scripts.  Another buffer could hold a "tail -f" on a klogd output

 The screen could be split up into display sections, and each of
 several things being launched in parallel could be given it's own
 window.  The modeline could display what script that is, and also
 give a hot key for making that window active, so that, for instance,
 C-c could be typed to kill off a hung startup script.

 Writing it in Emacs lisp would save a lot of work in writing a
 display manager program...  It could even be done with a specially
 built emacs, built with no X and a minimalist configuration.

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