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Problems with logcheck's new dependencies

Hi all

[Please CC me directly, I am currently not subscribed to -devel].

As some of you might have noticed, I seem to have messed up a little bit
with the latest logcheck version. In trying to fulfill user requests, I
split the package up into 3 parts:
- logcheck: the logcheck shell script, configuration files, cron script
- logcheck-database: the rules files with regular expressions
- logtail: the logtail binary, used to get syslog lines only once

Unfortunately the upgrade does not run smoothly (although the new
version should work very well when installed) and I did not have the
problem on my development machines (therefore the upload). The main
cause of difficulty is that the old logcheck package included files that
are now in logcheck-database and the new logcheck package depends on
logcheck-database. Therefore dpkg figures out that logcheck-database
needs to be installed before logcheck can be upgraded and voila, a nice
update problem. (Do I hear somebody saying chicken-and-egg ?)
As I am not very confident with dpkg's sorting algorithm (which package
gets installed / upgraded when), could anybody give me a hint what the
correct way of handling such things is ? 
Would a Conflicts: logcheck (<= 1.1.1-10) in logcheck-database and
logtail help ? The correct behaviour would either be to deinstall the
old logcheck, install logcheck-database and logtail and then install the
new logcheck or to first update logcheck and then install the others.
How can I force dpkg to do one of those ?

best regards,

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