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Packages that still need to be updated to new python policy


The following packages still depend: on python-base. These dependencies
need to be fixed.

	Bug#118951: geas 0.0.6-2 geas 0.0.6-2 i386
	Bug#119218: gnats2w 0.15.2 gnats2w 0.15.2 all
	Bug#119230: junior-programming 1.1 junior-programming 1.1 all
	Bug#119206: luci 0.1.1-1.1 luci 0.1.1-1.1 i386
	Bug#118664: omniorb 1:3.0.4-2.1 omniorb 1:3.0.4-2.1 i386
	Bug#118562: postgresql 7.1.3-4 python-pygresql 7.1.3-4 i386
	Bug#118695: pyching 1.0.4-3 pyching 1.0.4-3 i386
	Bug#119203: pydb 1.01-2 pydb 1.01-2 all
	Bug#119208: pyftpd 0.7 pyftpd 0.7 all
	Bug#119216: python-extclass 1.2-4 python-extclass 1.2-4 i386
	Bug#119213: python-pam 0.4.2-3 python-pam 0.4.2-3 i386
	Bug#118185: reportbug 1.36 reportbug 1.36 all
	            routeplanner 0.12 routeplanner 0.12 all
	Bug#119227: scanerrlog 2.00-1 scanerrlog 2.00-1 all
	Bug#119233: vtk 3.1.2-1 python-vtk 3.1.2-1 i386
	            xanim-modules xanim-modules all
	Bug#119215: xracer 0.96.9-10 xracer-tools 0.96.9-10 all

Most of these have had RC bugs open for two weeks now, so probably could
use NMUs.


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