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Re: Please stop tossing around red herrings like "discrimination"

On Thu, 22 Nov 2001, Branden Robinson wrote:

> Owners of m68k autobuilders "discriminate" against large packages like
> OpenOffice, XFree86, Qt, and so forth.  This is because they have
> precious CPU cycles that are better spent on other packages, and in the
> case of XFree86, there is already someone with an m68k box available to
> compile the package (me).

In the part of my mail you didn't quote I wrote "free software has a
higher priority for us than non-free software". The m68k autobuilder has
problems to keep up with the packages.  As far as I know the m68k and
perhaps the arm autobuilders have problems to keep up but there don't seem
to be these problems on other architectures like e.g. sparc, powerpc and
alpha. It makes a big difference whether I have to compile a non-free
package on 1-3 architectures to get it into testing or whether I have to
compile it on every single architecture the old package was built. (And I
do really dislike it when I have to spend some time e.g. on getting xsnow
recompiled on all architectures - if I don't have to do this I have more
time for working on my other packages).

> So before you start ranting and raving and bringing Title IX lawsuits
> against, for example, the m68k porting team, inhale a deep breath of
> reality.

What are "Title IX lawsuits"? I haven't heard this term before.



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