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Re: What will one find in newly released Debian Woody 3.0 ???

- new packages (I listed just few of them)
  - apache 2.0 with virtual domains, managment scripts, new dirs etc.
 we haven't any official apache 2 packages currently so woody
 won't include them i think
Huh... I must admire I still not fully understand the new method of

freezing the Woody. I think we first freeze base and after that we
freeze the rest...

My text will be printed in New Year, so I'd be nice for You developers

to make up Your minds ;-)
So, finally, how's it gonna be ? Apache2 is not a piece of cake and
it is importand for the users to know. ;-)

- GCC 3.0 - OMG! - what about it ???
    more architectures (hppa/ia64 aren't supported by gcc 2.95)
yeah - I know some of them aren't supported by new GCC, but on the

other hand (as You pointed out) some arent supported by the new.

My main question is:
will Debian Woody for i386 be compiled using GCC 3.0 ?

I've seen some discussions about "big compiling partys" and other
ideas, but have not seen real decision so far. Anyone capable to
answer ?

Thanks in advance
					Grzegorz Prokopski

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