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Please stop the discrimination of non-free packages

On Mon, 19 Nov 2001, Colin Watson wrote:

> This goes back to the "autobuilders don't build non-free" thing again.
> Last time I was asked about this I was told that autobuilders sometimes
> do go off and build non-free as the release approaches - is it about
> time to start doing this now?

We all agree on:
- free software is better than non-free software
- therefore free software has a higher priority for us than non-free

I think we should acknowledge that "although non-free software isn't a
part of Debian, we support its use". In my eyes it's e.g. a discrimination
that isn't needed that our autobuilder don't build non-free packages
automatically. This prevents non-free packages from entering testing and
therefore from getting into the next release. I can't see how free
software benefits from this - it only causes that people have to manually
compile these packages which costs time they might otherwise have spent on
free software.

Please stop this discrimination of non-free packages - it's enough to
handle them with a lower priority.



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