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Re: X

"William" wrote:
  >Can anyone help!!
  >I have enstalled debian on my computer. After looking at potato I decided to
  >upgrade to sid. I did this on-line and after the whole weekend got it up and
  >running. The trouble is my computer is dual boot and I had to go into
  >windows but when I tried to restart sid my X is down. I cant get back in. I
  >have a ES1869 Mach64 video card and it is getting detected. It has something
  >to do with the mouse. Please can anyone put me in the right direction to get
  >X working.

On potato, X is 3.3.x; on sid it is 4.1.0.

They use different configuration files; if you were running X while you
upgraded, you may still have been running 3.3 until you rebooted.

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