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Re: Freeze Update [2001/11/19]

Miquel van Smoorenburg wrote:
> If I was in your position I'd take only the bugfixes from 3.23pre,
> integrate them with 3.22, and try to make sure that the resulting
> package is indeed stable enough. If so, upload it. How can it be
> tested otherwise? If it turns out to be OK it will go into woody
> automatically. As long as it doesn't put mail into /dev/null, ofcourse.

According to the changelog, everything in 3.23pre are bugfixes :-)
So yes, I think I'll package 3.22 + patches for woody. After all, the
3.23pre snapshot has not been updated in two months, and the diffs
between 3.22 and 3.23pre are really small.


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