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Re: Freeze Update [2001/11/19]

tags 118033 moreinfo unreproducible
tags 118362 moreinfo
severity 118033 normal
reassign 117218 libc6-dev

On Mon, Nov 19, 2001 at 09:10:09PM +1000, Anthony Towns wrote:

> Likewise, we're getting into the last seven days for making sure standard
> and task packages get included in the woody release. At the moment, many
> many packages look like they'll need to be removed, notably gpm (on which
> packages such as jed, links, mc, pdmenu, vim, and w3m depend),

For gpm, there are already two patches for #102031; it just needs an NMU.
gpm #118033 looks like a user configuration problem, and even if it isn't, the
bug isn't release-critical, so I'm downgrading it.

> lyx, mutt,

mutt #119309 is a simple missing build-depends, opened recently.  I
volunteer to NMU this one if the maintainer doesn't get to it.

> cvs,

cvs #119402 has a workaround patch which seems very reasonable.  This bug
was only reported a few days ago, so I'll ping the maintainer in hopes that
he will make an upload.  Otherwise, I can NMU this as well.

> procmail,

procmail's is a fake bug to keep the unstable version from going into

> apache,

I assume this is due to its dependency on mime-support, as apache doesn't
seem to have any RC bugs of its own.

> gnuplot, lincity, mime-support,

    * #94869: /tmp races and other security problems in run-mailcap
      Package: mime-support; Severity: critical; Reported by: Colin Phipps <cph@cph.demon.co.uk>; Tags: patch, security; 211 days old.

A root security hole bug open for 211 days with no response from the
maintainer whatsoever.  The patch looks reasonable, but could probably use
some testing.  An NMU is definitely in order.

> mozilla,

mozilla #119039 is purely a dependency issue, opened recently, and should be
easy to resolve.  No response from the maintainer yet.

> openssh,

ssh #115228 looks like it just needs a rebuild, 22 days old, no response
from the maintainer yet.

ssh #117396 needs investigation, 39 days old, no response from the
maintainer yet.

> postgresql,

postgresql #118362 needs more info from submitter, maintainer is on it.

> strace,

strace #117218 is apparently a powerpc kernel header problem, and needs to
be fixed in glibc.  Reassigning.

> tetex-base and tetex-bin [0].

tetex-base #111284 is a font licensing problem, but should be solvable by
using fonts from Ghostscript.  Maintainer has handed off to upstream, but
this may need to be fixed in Debian before the release.

tetex-bin #117500 is a missing copyright notice, looks like it just needs to
get done.

> The following (source) packages have been removed from woody / testing
> or will be over the next couple of days:
> 	* scm (buggy, old version depends on rx to be removed)
> 	* gnucash (doesn't build, old version depends on old scm)

I would very much like to see a recent gnucash go out with woody.  scm
#81386 is 317 days old with no response from the maintainer.  I will do what
I can to get it cleaned up.

> 	* ucbmpeg (orphaned, doesn't build)

I think ucbmpeg is pretty such superseded by smpeg, so this may as well be
removed from unstable as well.

 - mdz

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