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Re: Whose bug is this?

Roland Mas (2001-11-15 13:41:34 +0100) :

>   When entering runlevel 6 (or 0), the S40umountfs script is
> executed (/etc/init.d/umountfs).  This script basically does an
> 'umount -a -r'.  And it barfs on /usr: tells me "Device or resource
> busy", then "Not mounted", then "Illegal seek".  And obviously, I
> have to wait during fsck at the following boot.  I hope I'm entitled
> to consider this a bug.  Now, whose bug is this?

  Thanks for all your responses, but I haven't been able to decide
wuich package would be best to submit the bug on.  I'll probably send
it to bash (since ash works "all other things being equal") unless
someone speaks up soon (say, today).  I also hesitate as to which
severity to choose.  I'll probably go for "normal", although the
effect is not limited to the package but affects the whole system at

  Any more thoughts?

Roland Mas

$ chown -R us:us your_base*

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