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How to bring later libdb2 (or even libdb3) to potato


I am trying to build INN 2.3 on a potato system. INN's build process
complains that it needs at least db2.6 to build, while potato has

I remember from some exim experiments in February, that there are
pecularities between libc6 and libdb2 in potato and woody/sid. If I
recall correctly, some files that have been in the libc6 package in
potato have been moved to the libdb2 package in woody/potato, so that
a simple backport of sid/woody's libdb2/libdb3 won't work here. Since
libdb3 conflicts with libdb2, I'd probably try backporting sid's
libdb2 to potato.

Am I in for serious trouble if I do so? Do I have to recompile all
packages linked against db2.4 when I update to db2.7?

Any hints will be appreciated.


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