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Re: Processed: severity


On Fri, Nov 16, 2001 at 10:51:54PM -0500, Joey Hess wrote:
> Please stop fucking with my bug severities, unless you have a burning
> desire to maintain the package in question, or unless you really feel
> that 

sorry that i didn't ask you before :p. but important isn't
considered RC, serious is for policy violations, what comes next?
grave, but i already told that to the BTS ... 
and i didn't find anything valueable which makes me confident
that this is bug handled somewhen i tried to come up with a patch
but due to some debconf issues, but i am not a guru on this, it
doesn't work, but see the rest in the BTS.

>   a) this bug warrents delaying the freeze of debian's base, or

yes, it was a semi flame, but the reasons are spotable, consider
just someone who must download through a 56k link or less.

>   b) we don't need that base-config thing, let's just drop it!

please, don't overreact.

> I have been away for a week on an extremely depressing and tiring trip
> involving a funeral of a family member, I have *piles* of work and a
> broken laptop that I can only use for 5 hours a day, this bug report is
> on the bottom of my todo list, and is sinking deeper by the minute as
> you squirm around in the quicksand of the severities system, and
> increasing its severity in the BTS that does not match the immutable
> severity I have assigned it in my head will, in the end, only result in
> grief.

sorry for that, didn't know because i read nothing about that ...

> BTW, "data loss" does not refer to innefficienties in downloading. If it
> did, I could file grave bugs on every dumb ftp and web client that does
> not resume interrupted downloads.

well, maybe not strictly, rephrase: loosing data (.debs) without prior

anyway, stop that here and make the rest (technical part) through
the BTS ...

so long

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