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Re: Processed: severity

> > severity 103302 grave
> Bug#103302: ask permission before erasing /var/cache/apt/archives
> Severity set to `grave'.

Please stop fucking with my bug severities, unless you have a burning
desire to maintain the package in question, or unless you really feel

  a) this bug warrents delaying the freeze of debian's base, or
  b) we don't need that base-config thing, let's just drop it!
I have been away for a week on an extremely depressing and tiring trip
involving a funeral of a family member, I have *piles* of work and a
broken laptop that I can only use for 5 hours a day, this bug report is
on the bottom of my todo list, and is sinking deeper by the minute as
you squirm around in the quicksand of the severities system, and
increasing its severity in the BTS that does not match the immutable
severity I have assigned it in my head will, in the end, only result in

BTW, "data loss" does not refer to innefficienties in downloading. If it
did, I could file grave bugs on every dumb ftp and web client that does
not resume interrupted downloads.

see shy jo, who will not be changing the severity of this bug again, or
            working on a fix until its severity is reduced to match the
	    severity in his head. Figure it out, guys.

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