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Release candidate of gimp-print, changelog urgencies

Hi Eric, 

[Cc'ed to -devel because of urgency question at the end]

I got another bug report today because my gs package in testing is 
incredibly outdated because libgimpprint1 is not available there. 
The reason seems to be that there are a few high severity bugs 
blocking the installation of your packages into testing.

Now I noticed that a new upstream release of gimp-print is available
and wanted to prepare an NMU to check if those bugs went away. 
I stumbled across the fact that the upstream tarball contains a 
debian tree as well and conflicts with the Debian diff quite a bit. 
Now I am wondering why two persons are maintaining a package of 
gimp-print - this looks like wasted effort for me. 

Also it stopped me from preparing a package suitable for NMU since 
I don't have any idea which of the big number of changes in the 
Debian diff have to get into the next package. 

I built gimp-print packages using the upstream debian/ tree and 
the result can be found at


Seems like at least the gimp printing bug (#113638) went away with the
release candidate. I can't test cups though as I don't want to spend the 
time to install another printing system here.

Can you please check the situation and perhaps prepare a new official 
package so that gimp-print can propagate into testing for the benefit 
of the gs package? I will send a short notice to the BTS entries 
that stop the testing installation of gimp-print to ask the submitters
if they can check if the new release fixes their problems.

As it already took ages I would like the gimp-print upload to have the
urgency "high" - I wonder if this is okay for this case. I have 
another gs package available with updated gimp-print interface based
on the code in the current release candidate which I could upload 
with the same urgency to finally get this into testing.



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