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Re: Looking for Ryan Murray "rmurray"


Sylvain de Crom wrote:

Ehm... esound has a number of uncool features (in the `unstable'
version), like but authentication, references to files (hard coded in the

Ok, that's just another point for the option to include the ALSA-OSS module in the standard distribution of ALSA-0.9 modules and include the proper lines in the /etc/modules.conf.

The only pending thing is that I have to try to fix this freezing! :-/

I will try to take some time on this.

If I find some time, I'll take a look at esound-0.2.23 and update my
version of the esound deb.

Could be nice from you. I don't know what new features it includes now (didn't take a look at the Changelog. :-/).

The `unstable' esound is a daemon which is started by the user (by
enlightenment or gnome). I think this daemon should be started by a
/etc/init.d script. So you can use esound to lisen to MP3's on your
console only box (without starting esd manualy), or you can send all
sound to another computer in the room (one equiped with a (better) sound

I'm agree this is really ugly...

I'm not really awared of the news about the sound under Linux. What are exactly the projects about this? Is there a successor of esound? Does somebody think to unify esound, nas and aRts? ....

It seems that there is still a lot to do about sound for Unix.

With ALSA-0.9 and some kind of (/dev/esddate (like /dev/gpmdata)) all
program's would be happy (I think)

I didn't get this. Do you mean, we will have to play with devfs for this ????



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