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Re: I know php4 is broken in woody

Petr Cech wrote:
> so please stop telling me this. I won't reply to any mail of this kind. If
> you wonder why, try reading
> http://ftp-master.debian.org/testing/

I read that; it didn't seem relevant.

> P.S. php4 unstable works with this apache. BTW why must you have the 
> latest apache now, when it has been in unstable for some weeks so you can 
> easilly wait some more

I didn't deliberately choose this apache; it installs with woody.

Am I just a little confused by the bug tracking system? If you know it's
broken, why close the bug? Is it because it's fixed in unstable, and
will automatically migrate? Or do you blame it on apache instead?

Surely it would help to say these things on the bug system?

Of course, I didn't _find_ the bug on the bug system until it came up
here on debian-user, because I was looking for open ones.

On a more practical note - can I downgrade my apache? Or is there a
better way?

Perhaps I should install php3, as that's an alternative dependency for
imp, which is what I'm after?



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