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Re: Strange new BTS behavior

On Thu, 8 Nov 2001, Richard Atterer wrote:

> Maybe you are suffering from the same problem as me. The BTS does in
> fact only send one mail which includes the original bug report...
> ...however, the BTS mails include the "From a@b.c" line without quoting
> the "From" with ">". My uni's mail setup causes the message to be
> written to an mbox without any changes (but with an appropriate
> Content-Length). However, when I fetch mail, the POP3 daemon doesn't
> care about the Content-Length and splits the message into two. :-[
> Couldn't the BTS *please* be changed to precede the "From" with ">"? I
> realize the problem is on my end, but it doesn't look like they'll fix
> it anytime soon! :-/

This is not the fault of the bts.  It's the fault of the MTA(exim) on master.

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