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Re: The right way to not start daemons

On Fri, Nov 09, 2001 at 06:18:31PM +0100, Tomas Pospisek wrote:

> On Fri, 9 Nov 2001, Matt Zimmerman wrote:
> > 'start most things minus a few':
> >
> > rm /etc/rc?.d/S??{package1,package2}
> >
> > 'start only what I say here':
> >
> > find /etc/rc?.d -name 'S*' ! -name 'S??package1' | xargs rm
> I fancy that line takes a not a guru-sysadmin about 2 hours of reading
> manpages to figure out. That can't be "it".

A not guru-sysadmin could just remove the links by hand, or perhaps use a
friendly, graphical file manager to do so (smirk).

> > Equivalently, you can edit /etc/runlevel.conf to do the same thing with
> > file-rc.
> You can, yes. But IMO the idea is to be able to:
> * quickly(!) turn on/off a certain service
> * quickly start a service just for once

How much quicker can you get than:

vi /etc/runlevel.conf
(optionally) /etc/init.d/foo stop

I think you mean "easily" (for newbies), not "quickly".  For that, try
something like tksysvinit or linuxconf.  The latter is packaged; I think the
former used to be.

> > So there are already two mechanisms for doing this, and some folks are
> > working on a fancier one that is dependency-oriented instead of using
> > strict ordering.
> It's not a question of not-available mechanisms - they've been around for
> at least 4 years now. It's only that debian hasn't adapted any.

If this is a complaint about the lack of certain features in Debian, I
sincerely encourage you to begin implementing them.  I, for one, don't
understand what it is that you want that we don't already have.

 - mdz

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