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Re: The right way to not start daemons

Matt Zimmerman <mdz@debian.org> writes:

> > Adding and removing symlinks is clunky (unless there is, indeed,
> > some other way?).

> Clunky-old, yes.  Clunky-traditional, yes.  Clunky-broken, no.  If
> you would prefer something else, look into file-rc.

> > Some sort of start.allow and start.deny files would be cool - that
> > way you could have either a 'start most things minus a few' policy
> > or a 'start only what I say here' policy.

> 'start most things minus a few':

> rm /etc/rc?.d/S??{package1,package2}

Ok, but commenting out lines in a file is better:

1) you can see what you've commented out!

2) it's easy to switch on and off - you don't have to recreate

3) you can compare it with a distributed default file.

> 'start only what I say here':

> find /etc/rc?.d -name 'S*' ! -name 'S??package1' | xargs rm

> Equivalently, you can edit /etc/runlevel.conf to do the same thing
> with file-rc.  So there are already two mechanisms for doing this,
> and some folks are working on a fancier one that is
> dependency-oriented instead of using strict ordering.

Yes, but they are two clunky, low level mechanisms.  Putting something
on top of it probably wouldn't be too hard, for those who want it.

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