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Re: Grokking KDE installation (Re: KDE directory layout)

On Fri, Nov 09, 2001 at 02:06:50AM +0200, Eray Ozkural (exa) wrote:
> Hi Ivan,
> On Thursday 08 November 2001 18:08, Ivan E. Moore II wrote:
> > >
> > > I don't see why out of this box this wouldn't work. This should work
> > > since that is how a kde hacker does a local kde compilation for CVS HEAD
> > > beside his stable KDE installation.
> > >
> > > It *would* work, but you can't use either /opt or /usr/local as KDE
> > > installation dir because it would break fhs.
> >
> > and how will the end user swap back and forth?  And how would a user have
> > a mixed installation?
> >
> > You haven't thought this out and I am now done trying to explain this to
> > you.
> >
> I have of course thought it out, I simply did not elaborate enough of that in 
> that mail.
> The end user will normally _not_ swap back and forth. It's error prone.[*]
> My aim is to provide for existence of a kde-cvs-dev package that will enable 
> installation of all (recent) development related packages while co-existing 
> with a stable KDE installation as I have said.
> What I'm saying is strictly for developers who would like to develop for KDE. 
> There are a good number of KDE hackers who are not following these mailing 
> lists (and using Debian) I'm certain that they would find such support 
> invaluable.
> However, I'd like to stress once again that my concern is development 
> packages and not application packages. I believe that this environment exists 
> not only for users but developers and the current set of packages will not be 
> usable for developers because most developers will not want to leave the nice 
> stable environment only to be able to write a tiny application. And as I have 
> said using the CVS (or recent) versions while using a stable installation is 
> the recommended procedure for hacking KDE.
> I hope I've made my point clear. In the current state very few people will 
> make use of kde*cvs*dev packages. They'll have to compile from CVS 
> themselves. But if we gave them some alpha release more people would be 
> tempted to write an app or plugin for KDE3 which will be beneficial for free 
> software in general.
> I kindly request you to give more thought to this issue.
> If any help is needed please tell me what is needed, what I can work on and 
> I'll most certainly try to be of assistance. As I said any range of fixing is 
> within my ability, and I'd certainly like to see this happen. If you'd like 
> we can work on the alpha branch right now, and see what we can do. If it 
> works that can be carried to HEAD.
> Thanks for your interest,
> [*] Here's what we can do for users:
> Applications will (or may) conflict. It's plausible as you have explained. I 
> agree with that. Our aim should be to cause the minimal burden for users. 
> However, if they want to try out an application or two, they ought to be able 
> to run it. We can tell them to completely backup their .kde directory before 
> doing so. Scenario:
> cp -a .kde .kde-backup
> apt-get install kmail-cvs
> <hmm, doesn't work good enough for me>
> apt-get install kmail
> That is, making most if not all _application_ packages mutually exclusive in 
> their stable and cvs versions is sensible as you have said, but at least 
> trying out stuff may be possible. And if they do an # apt-get install kde 
> they should be able to get to a stable-only version.
> At any rate, the back-up thing is what they should be doing before trying out 
> anything alpha and we should warn them about that issue.

ok..you keep trying to make your point clear and you have not listened to
me at all.  Your main concern is for development.  That is 1 of my concerns
and something I have told you over and over again that I am currently working
on is the ability to have a kde3 development system installed without hosing
kde2's installation...however you keep being an annoying shit and telling me
how I'm not doing it the way you want it done...

I've asked many many times for you to wait and be patient and you can't
seem to do that.  You keep telling me in so many words that I don't know
how best to do this and yet when you explain the end result you want that
is exactly what I have done in the past and what I am working on right now.

Therefor please shut up, leave me alone.  If you think I'm not doing a good
job then go through the proper procedures to have me removed otherwise file
a fucking wishlist bug that I can ignore and quit cluttering up my email.


Ivan E. Moore II
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