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Re: Read-only /usr

Anthony Towns (2001-11-08 11:24:52 +1000) :

> You could, of course, change your filesystem so that it'd have a
> separate "soon-to-be-deleted" table on the disk, which needn't be
> empty for the fs to be mounted read-only; with the behaviour that if
> an open file has its last link removed it gets added to the
> soon-to-be-deleted table, and when the filesystem is mounted
> read-write, the table is scanned for files that aren't currently
> open and thus can be deleted.

Isn't there a "last modified" timestamp on the fs though?  In which
case, wouldn't it be strange that it is set to an earlier date than
the actual deletion of the file (if it is touched at remount-ro time)
or way later (if it is touched at the next remount-rw)?

  Other thought: isn't this suggestion going a bit in the direction of
implementing a journal?  If you want to do it, it might be interesting
to start with some already journalled fs, since there will already be
some infrastructure to do such things.

  Feel free to flame me if I'm speaking nonsense, I guess I'll get out
of the flaming less ignorant than I am right now.

not an fs expert at all.
Roland Mas

When you have a hammer in your hand, most things look like a nail.

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