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Re: Discussion: wnpp and ITPs

On Tue, 6 Nov 2001, David A. Greene wrote:

> Why remove the RFP?  It's useful information for people looking
> for packages to create.
Usually projects die.  A RFP issued 5 years ago does not make sense in
my opinion if it is not "refreshed" by "new version available with the
following new features which would make Debian a better distribution".
I´m thinking about *really* old RFPs.

> If someone filed an ITP there's a good bet
> someone wants the package.  An RFP is one way for developers (and
> users!) to find software outside of Debian.
For sure.  But do not lead them to dead projects.

> Old ITP's should definitely be changed to RFP's.

> An excellent idea.  RFP's for old and unmaintained software could
> be removed, though there is still useful information there.
> One opportunity to "refresh" an RFP is to replace it with an
> RFP for an equivalent/better piece of software if one exists.
Surely you got the idea.  If there is no such *refresh* after a (long!)
period of time than the project is dead or the man who issued the RFP
lost interest in it.  Both would be dust in our BTS.

Kind regards


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