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Re: Discussion: wnpp and ITPs

Tille, Andreas wrote:

On Mon, 5 Nov 2001, Bas Zoetekouw wrote:

I'm currently working on a script to generate wnpp bug summaries, which
should also make it easy to (semi-)automagically clear out old ITP's or
remove old orphaned packages. The parsing of the BTS is a bit tricky,

Nice.  I would like the renaming from ITP to RFP after a certain period and
removing RFP after a further period.

Why remove the RFP?  It's useful information for people looking
for packages to create.  If someone filed an ITP there's a good bet
someone wants the package.  An RFP is one way for developers (and
users!) to find software outside of Debian.

Old ITP's should definitely be changed to RFP's.

Moreover we should think about "refreshing" an RFP.  This might make sense
because there might be some new versions which perhaps could be more
interesting for potentional maintainers.

An excellent idea.  RFP's for old and unmaintained software could
be removed, though there is still useful information there.

One opportunity to "refresh" an RFP is to replace it with an
RFP for an equivalent/better piece of software if one exists.



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