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Re: Spaces in filenames [was: Has a Debian developer ever unintentionally wiped out user files like Apple?]

Richard Kettlewell writes:

 > Perfectly well, IME: what do you think the -print0 and -0 options to
 > find and xargs are for?


	a) -print0 and -0 are not portable(1)
	b) they are far too often omitted even when they are available

While portability is not an important issue (but it's still nice) in
init-scripts there are other situations where it's important.

But again, my point was that for practical reasons it's sensible to
use only alphanumerical characters plus '-' etc. in file names. 
This is quickly becoming OT, sorry.

1) On Solaris:

$ find . -type f -print0 | xargs -0 ls -l
find: bad option -print0
find: path-list predicate-list
xargs: illegal option -- 0
xargs: Usage: xargs: [-t] [-p] [-e[eofstr]] [-E eofstr] [-I replstr]
[-i[replstr]] [-L #] [-l[#]] [-n # [-x]] [-s size] [cmd [args ...]]

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