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lintian errors and atari800

I'm down to cleaning up lintian errors on the newest atari800 package.
I've got errors that are confusing:

E: atari800: binary-without-manpage atari800.curses
E: atari800: binary-without-manpage atari800.svgalib

The confusing part is that there is no error for the executable
atari800.x11, which also doesn't have a manpage.

All three of these executables deliver the same program through a
different interface. They are all driven by the atari800 script, which
determines from the call location, which interface to deliver. They each
behave the same way and thus only need on manpage.

I feel fine about ignoring these errors. The question is: Why doesn't
litian complain about the .x11 manpage?

Waiting is,

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