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Re: RFC: SDL and X static extension libraries re-revisited

In message <[🔎] 20011102083359.A18174@blueberry.jellybean.co.uk>, Jules Bean writes
>What happens if two different dynamic objects, destined to be linked
>into the same runtime, are linked against different versions of the
>E.g. xfoo links libfoo and libbar, two graphics related libraries.
>They both have the capability to use DGA, so they both statically link 
>the dga lib.
>Is that a problem?

No, I think it should be OK.  Each shared object will have its own entirely private copy of libXxf86dga.  References to symbols in that library will be resolved at compile time, and the DGA stuff won't be visible in the external interfaces presented by libfoo and libbar.


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