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Re: Default MTA and dependencies

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On Saturday 03 November 2001 14:16, Martijn van Oosterhout wrote:
> Well, if mailq doesn't show them, that means they're gone, right? If you
> want to allow non-root users to view the queue, put that in the config
> file. How does sendmail or postfix make this situation better?

So, there is such an option to make every mortal capable of running mailq. I 
wasn't aware of that.

However, that doesn't solve any problem. I usually can't tell what really 
happened to my messages unless I check the exim log manually. For every 
important message I send I view the log and check for "Completed". Isn't that 
stone age? I'd better write my own MTA. It would be hard to call exim 

And IMHO, exim has a very counter-intuitive structure and documentation.

In my case, exim fails to complete SMTP auth from time to time and for other 
reasons fails to send a message. It will then freeze that message forever to 
achieve absolute frustration.

One would like his mail software to be the least painful because it is used 
every day.

I have no claims that there is a better MTA though. Others in Debian are 
either too hard to configure or lacking crucial features for me.

- From what I've seen, the netscape messenger software they use at our 
department seems to be pretty usable. And as featurewise, it's probably 
sendmail but as I said only if I could configure that beast to do what I 


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