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Re: PHP Warning: Invalid library (maybe not a PHP library) 'rrdtool.so'

I found a solution to this problem on one of the php developer newsgroups.

It turns out that the config.h file generated by the configure script isn't
being included by the compiler.

Simply edit the php_rrdtool.h file and before the "#if COMPILE_DL" line add
either of the following lines (depends on your preference... I've only looked
at this quickly and both include files are practically identical)

#include "config.h"
#include "php_config.h"

then follow the rest of the INSTALL instructions and it should work fine!

Oh, one gotcha though, the example rrd_fetch.php example has a typo which
prevents it from showing any of the data... simply change the $hi to $tmp


k.riedel@gmx.de (Konrad Riedel) wrote in message news:<20011023222650.A21760@mail.nestwerk.de>...
> Hi,
> I've compiled & installed the rrdtool.so library (rrdtool_1.0.33 from
> testing), but php4 (4.0.5-2) refused to accept that as a library.
> Any hints?
> Mit freundlichen Grüßen
> Konrad Riedel

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