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Re: PHP Warning: Invalid library (maybe not a PHP library) 'rrdtool.so'

I'm also trying to find a solution to this problem as well.

I've tried changing some of the other configure options, and everything
compiles fine, but when I try to load the rrdtool.so library into apache
I get the same error message as Konrad.

If the only option is to make the rrdtool module an embedded extension
I'll give it a go and download the source package.  I'd prefer to leave
the module as a self-contained extension though...  or should I look at
getting the sid (unstable) versions of php4 & rrdtool??

Oh yeah, I'm running Woody (testing)!


k.riedel@gmx.de (Konrad Riedel) wrote in message news:<20011023222650.A21760@mail.nestwerk.de>...
> Hi,
> I've compiled & installed the rrdtool.so library (rrdtool_1.0.33 from
> testing), but php4 (4.0.5-2) refused to accept that as a library.
> Any hints?
> Mit freundlichen Grüßen
> Konrad Riedel

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